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China Gezhouba Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

China Gezhouba Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., subordinate to the China Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd., is one of the first 16 central real estate enterprises approved by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), entitled with the Grade-1 qualification in real estate development.

Specialized in real estate development and management, the Company has obtained the hundreds of billions RMB of the Group’s bank credit, and takes charge of the important strategic responsibility of the main business of real estate development for the Group. As one of the standing council member of China Real Estate Association, the Company has successively been honored with the titles of “Top 100 Enterprises in China Real Estate Industry”, “China’s Brand Real Estate Company”, “China’s Integrity Real Estate Company”, “Beijing’s Top Ten Influential Brand Real Estate Enterprises”, and so forth, with our development projects granted the only science and technology award on national level in the category of Chinese residential and urban construction, i.e., the “Elite Science and Technology Award” in the category of Green Settlement Award”, and the highest award of Chinese architecture--“Luban Awards”, as well as the provincial- and ministerial-level awards of highest construction quality for multiple times, having thus been highly recognized in the market with increasingly strengthened brand influence.

Fully Expressed Company Strength on the Basis of the Group.

Our development projects include such multiple business types as top-grade residences, high-grade office buildings, urban complexes, and tourist composite properties, with our focus directed to first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou as well as key provincial cities and other core cities in hot spot regions. The strategic deployment of the Company encompasses those frontier areas of social and economic development, such as the Bohai Rim Area, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, central China city groups and Hainan International Tourism Island. Meanwhile, the Company is actively reaching out to make investments and create businesses in the United States, Britain and other developed countries to carry out the progressive transformation of internationalized brand of “Gezhouba Real Estate” and impact the global development pattern of China's real estate industry.

Committed to the Role of High-quality Real Estate Leader and Devoted to the Creation of High-end Quality Projects.

In Beijing, where office buildings, urban complexes and quality residences are erected in competition, our Beijing “Gezhouba Building” is in the core of the central business district (CBD) to present the full-blown style of a central enterprise with the glamour of its brand radiating in all directions; famed in the capital city, the “Purple Imperial Mansion” has gained popularity in the market due to its gold-medal architectural design as well as green ideas; both the “Jing-Hang Square” and the “West Imperial Residence” establishd a benchmark of quality in the capital city, bringing superior quality to all social parties. In Shanghai, we have meticulously hammered out several high-end projects, such as “Gezhouba Pegasus Park” and “Gezhouba Purple Yard,” to fully demonstrate the humanity dimensions of an internationalized high-end community. In Sanya, “Gezhouba Begonia Bay” sits in the National Seashore and targets the world-class leadership, exclusively introducing the world's top-grade hotel brand - “One&Only” - in the Asia-Pacific region and adding endless prosperity to the Gold Coast of China. In Guangzhou, the highly anticipated British-style boutique residences of “Manchester City” and “Hyde Mansion” glow in radiance over the Pearl River to make their elegant and noble presence felt. And in Hubei province, our “Fairview World” nestled in the bank of Yangtze River keeps shaking western Hubei in its own wake and serves as the “weather vane” of the regional market.

Consistent Pursuit of More Professionalism and Pragmatism.

In pursuance of the idea of “integration of industry and finance” and “combination of production and research”, we strengthen our capital operation and focus on research and development so as to carry out development well-grounded on our capital strength and create enterprise competitiveness based on our professional spirit. By launching comprehensive strategic cooperation with all walks of life, we have integrated various resources and created a win-win situation of mutual facilitation and reciprocal benefits. We attach great importance to our business operation and reinforce our management with great attention paid to each detail of the business development, insisting on standardized management to promote the standardization of product projects and services; we respect market choices, keep our promises, and abide by our commitment to shaping out the imperative image of integrity and quality; we pay such close attention to trends of the times that we can shoulder up our enterprise mission through outstanding performances in development, providing boosting force for urban development and blending it into the national economy. Bearing product superiority in quality and cultural import in projects, the brand name of “Gezhouba” shows our glory and serves as the inexhaustible motive force for our development.

Although there are thousands of sails competing in the sea, we have bravely made our way through winds and waves to push our voyage further. Looking into the future, the Company will keep in mind the enterprise spirit of being “Based on Integrity and Founded on Excellent” to make a difference and push forward in the waves of economic and industrial changes, bearing excellence in mind to pan out high-end projects, making progress in the direction of high-quality real estate leadership, and making contributions to the promotion of social and economic development!

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